At Prospect we are flexible and agile so can respond to whatever needs you have, and would break down our expertise into the following broad areas. 

Student recruitment strategy planning

We can help you design your student recruitment strategy whether that is globaly, or locally here in the UAE and Middle East.

With decades of experience in students recruitment, we are ideally placed to guide you on all aspects including (and not limited to) growing your agent network and your agent engagement model; event participation, both virtual and f2f; your direct recruitment channels; online (and offline) marketing; and creation and development of talent within your sales teams.

Administrative process development

The processes and systems that sit behind the scenes in an institution or organisation may seldom be noticed by the student - and that's how it should be. They should seamlessly work and ensure that the customer journey is effective and efficient.

With a wealth of experience in enhacing and refining processes, Prospect are perfectly placed to help you develop processes including, entry requirements; admissions processes; visa and compliance; student onbaording / enrolment; and student success.

A C2G approach that ensures that all students are brand ambassadors from before they apply to after they graduate.

In-country representative and branch offices 

With years of experience of working in the UAE and creating businesses, opening new offices, recruiting and employing staff and operating all legal and logistical aspects, the team at Prospect are well placed to offer advice to any international organisation looking to enter the UAE and broader Middle East market.

We can offer a number of bespoke solutions depending on your needs, and are happy to discuss your specific requirements to work out the easiest, quickest and importantly cheapest way for you to enter the market.

Product and programme development

Whether it's moving courses online, or a full overhaul of your product range, we are perfectly placed to support you in ensuring that your products are suited for the student of today.

At Prospect we have a wealth of experience in full product reviews and new product development for everything from language courses, foundation and pathway programmes, full degrees and masters, and summer programmes and tasters. As well as this, the recent move has of course been online, and we can offer a wealth of knowledge on how best to move online and importantly what to move online.

Sales team leadership and coaching

Having a strong sales team with great individuals is absolutely fundamental to a sucessful recruitment strategy and at Prospect we can help you build and develop your teams.

At Prospect we can help you develop your sales team including both training for your frontline sellers and coaching and mentoring for your people managers. We believe that once you've hired the right people, ensuring that they have the right tools to do the job, and a clear understanding of the expectatiosn, then good sellers should be left to it. Continuous coaching and mentoring is what then makes the difference between a good sales team and a great one.